Wrap Up

Wrap-UpThis unit’s Discussion Board will provide you with an opportunity to discuss what you have learned and some ways in which this course may have changed your views. Feel free to share any funny stories or observations related to the class here as well.Mysophobia is an actual condition that many people suffer from, though it is more commonly known as “germaphobia.” However, it is quite possible that each of us have a little “germaphobe” inside of us. How has this class changed your behavior and/or outlook toward microorganisms in general? Are you more, or less worried about them overall? Explain how and why.Describe how a solid understanding of microbiology will help you in both your professional and personal lives. What are some things you have learned that you can take away from this class? How will you share this knowledge with others?Think back to when you first entered this class. Was the class harder, or easier than you expected in the very beginning?

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Wrap Up
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