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Unit 4: Individual Project

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Course: HCM 425 Managing the Health of Population

Instructor: Dr. Relba Robertson-Beckley

History of Covid-19 in Lake County, Florida

Covid-19 is a virus that will cause sicknesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome. However, in 2019, a new coronavirus was identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that originated in China. The severity of Covid-19 is aged and has an elevated chance of critical sickness Coroviruses, which rise with age. Adults towards have existing medical conditions also may have an increased risk of severe disease. Coronavirus incidents have been decreasing currently but are still very high. The amount of hospitalized Covid patients has fallen in the Lake County area. Deaths have remained at about the same level. The test positivity rate in Lake County is high; due to the increased spread of the virus, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that vaccinated people still wear their masks. An estimate of 78 incidents every day was reported in Lake County, a 55% decrease from two weeks ago. At the beginning of the pandemic, at least one in seven residents had been infected, a total of 53,476 reported cases.

Needs Assessment for Lake County, Florida


As of 2019, Lake County has a total of 367,118. Lake County’s population mass is 316.6 people every square mile. The county’s racial makeup is 83.5% White, 67.7% non-Hispanic White, 11.4% Black African Americans, 0.7% Native Americans, 2.4% Asia, 0.3% Pacific Islander, and 2.1% other races. 16.7% of the population were Hispanic or Latino. Lake county’s population was spread out, from 20.30% children below 18, 5.80% to 18 to 24, 23.80% and 25 to 44, 23.80% 45 to 64, and 26.40% who were 65 years old of age or older. The median age was 45 years. Out of every 100 females, there were 93.70 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 91.10 males.

Social Factors

Finance Charge housing units residences in Florida tenants payout “31% of more of their household income on housing costs, rent, utilities, homeowner costs, taxes, and other costs related to housing”. Florida tenants who payout 31% or more of their income on housing may lack economic security. Florida tenants may have difficulty saving enough funds to cope with unplanned expenses.

There are 12% by the “population for whom poverty status” is determined in Lake County, Florida 41,000 out of 342,00 people live below the poverty line, which is lower than the national average of 12.3%. The largest demographic living in poverty are Females 25 to 34, followed by Females 35 to 44, and then Females 55 to 64. There are 101 Health Insurance Marketplace Plans available in Lake county Florida from 5 health insurance providers. 3 Catastrophic plans emphasize coverage for hospitalization or serious illness, 26 Bronze Plans that cover 50% of expenses, 32 Silver Plans that cover 70% of costs, 25 Gold Plans that cover 80% of coverage, and 15 Platinum with the highest coverage at 90%. The lowest premium offered for an adult individual age 27 in Lake County is $140.59, and the highest is $360.92.

Morbidity and Mortality

Pandemic diseases were the major killers of Florida residents in the early 1900s. Influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, syphilis, and enteric infections were among the top ten causes of death in the first third of the 1900s and often struck down people in Florida in the prime of their youth. Chronic diseases have overtaken diseases as the leading causes of death due to increased living standards, hygienic changes, and advances in communicable disease control.
They compared the modern age-adjusted loss of life charges (AADRs) for the ten leading reasons of loss of life with those 18 years ago, which suggests improvements among several reasons of death. Positive changes have been made in cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, CLRD, and diabetes. AADRs have not extended for accidental injury, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, CLDC, and kidney diseases. Florida Covid-19 for on 7/12 for 7/13: 12,624 new positives (7dAvg: 10,855), 227 new hospitalizations (14dAvg: 298), 35 deaths reported (14dAvg: 60), 65,800 people examined (7dAvg: 58,097). Florida is adding a 7-day transferring average of 11,000 new fantastic instances per day.

Incidence and Prevalence

Based on Lake County reports, high blood pressure comes after (“diabetes and heart diseases were the most common comorbidity seen in Covid-19 positive patients across major central worldwide”). Most of the patients have one or more comorbidity linked to expanded disease severity; no clear association has been found between having these chance elements and an increased chance of fatality.

According to Lake County estimate is the incidence of each cardiometabolic and different comorbidities in sufferers by “Covid-19, and to estimate the increased threat of ailment and mortality in human beings with comorbidities.”

Suggested Intervention Program with cost analysis

In Lake County Hospitals, people with or recovering from Covid-19 recommend starting a rehabilitation program after hospital discharge. Financial Charge examination can inform decisions about the most efficient, comprehensive, and reasonable strategies to battle pandemic situations. The investigation would be conducted before an outbreak occurs, although even among our current pandemic, augmenting public health intervention assessments like the simulations. Imperial College can run it in the U.K. and Columbia University in the U.S. to include cost-effectiveness investigation. It can help inform decision-making by integrating societal costs, health benefits, and implementation challenges associated with different control strategies.

Justification/Explanation for Lake County intervention

Many state and federal level actions have been implemented to support the homeless population by providing guiding shelters, housing advocacy groups, and healthcare professionals on how to relieve the spread of COVID-19. Many actions have been taken to protect Americans experiencing financial distress caused by Coronavirus from losing their homes and access to critical utilities such as water, electricity, and the Internet.


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