Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence

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Workplace Violence
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Workplace violence refers to any form of threatening action or behavior that happens in working environments. Some forms of workplace violence include client violence, worker on worker violence, personal relationship, and criminal intent. This issue has affected many workers, customers, visitors, and other members of an organization. Globally, many people have been performing intentional injuries to their colleagues while they are at work. Today, workplace violence is a big problem for workers and their employers, and more studies should be done on preventing this issue from occurring in the future (Turner, 2021).

The people at risk of workplace violence face these workplace attacks and fail to report them. Some of the distinct factors that can promote workplace violence involve the exchange of money with different members of the organization. Again, when a worker is isolated at work, it is easy to create lousy violent actions. Moreover, working in later hours and attempting crime actions are other factors that cause workplace violence.

Additionally, the study explains that workplace violence effects can be lowered if workers take suitable measures. For instance, creating a zero-tolerance rule can help stop workplace violence incidences. The precaution should govern the behavior of all employees, employers, and other representatives in a company. Again, evaluating workplaces, it becomes easy for employers to understand the suitable techniques of lowering the chances of these workplace acts of violence from happening. Additional training, prevention programs, administration control practices are vital in reducing the effects of workplace violence (Callister, 2021).

In summary, workplace violence is currently an international concern in all organizations, and great attention should be given to the issue. However, it is essential to comprehend the factors causing this problem, its risks, and ways of controlling the different workplace violence effects in organizations (Callister, 2021).


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