It’s the role of managers to ensure that employees are motivated to work and remain loyal to the company. This helps in boosting productivity and worker’s willingness to deliver their roles and responsibility. Therefore for this essay, I will be reviewing ten scholarly sources related to how employee motivation and loyalty can be improved in a firm, therefore, boosting productivity.

The study by van der Kolk et al. (2019) attempts to understand how various styles of management control are related to the intrinsic and extrinsic employee motivation and willingness to perform. Additionally, the author acknowledges that private and public organizations applied various management control methods like result control, action and culture to promote motivation. This article will be essential for me to understand how employers promote employee motivation through management control methods.

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De Sousa Sabbagha et al. (2018) attempts to understand how productivity and competitiveness can be improved by retention. Where retention in attracting, retaining, and developing talents that help companies to face significant struggles. This article will be essential for my article by explaining how staff retention can improve job satisfaction and employee motivation. Therefore for companies to achieve the best, they should attract and keep highly qualified personnel.

Ozkeser (2019) acknowledges that companies are developing new alternatives to employee improvement; this involves scientific human resource approaches like technology in training employees. When employees are trained, they become more motivated and qualified. Therefore this essential will help me understand how staff morale or motivation to deliver can be improved through training.

Antoni et al. (2017) article attempts to understand the importance of reward management or financial rewards on employee performance, behavior, and motivation. The author analyzes various methods of financial and non-financial rewards. This article is essential for my understanding of various financial and non-financial rewards like bonuses, increases salaries, recognition, promotion, health insurance, etc., which increase employee motivation and loyalty to the firm.

Al-Madi et al. (2017) attempts to evaluate the effects of motivating essential workers of retail stores and how it related to work commitment and willingness to perform better. The article assumes that employees are the internal customers, and without their contribution, the organization generally fails. Therefore it will be relevant to my study, especially in understanding how to make employees committed to their jobs and satisfied through effective motivation.

The article by Thokozani (2017) assesses the importance of organizational culture to staff motivation. Organizational culture includes decision-making, behavior, individual motivation, etc. Therefore, this article is relevant since most employees are often aware of the organizational culture, aligning their professional goals to the culture. Therefore if the culture is positive, like accountability, time consciousness, etc., the employees become more motivated and willing to perform better. Therefore a strong organizational culture is essential for increased motivation.

The article by Olusadum et al. (2018) is related to Antoni et al. (2017) Seeks to analyze the importance of performance motivation. The author used the federal college of education as their study area and established that most managers are willing to control employees with a negative attitude towards work only when properly motivated. Therefore this research will be essential in my paper to understand how employee performance is affected by proper motivation like bonuses, increases salaries, recognition, and promotion.

Pang et al. (2018) developed an exploratory factor analysis as a container shipping company in Taiwan to understand how job satisfaction affects organizational performance. The article identified job achievements, factor analysis, job environment, job security, and the major motivating factors. Additionally, there are five major job satisfaction dimensions: job performance, job status, job autonomy, and job workload and job policy. These are essential in promoting both financial and non-financial job performance.

Razak et al. (2018) were determined to identify the effects of staff motivation, employee performance, work disciplines, and leadership style at the ABC Makassar. Therefore, the researchers engage in a survey method, where the results established that employee performance increased by work discipline, the leadership and motivation styles determine performance levels. Therefore the research is essential in my study to understand staff motivation, employee performance, work disciplines, and leadership style in determining a company’s overall performance.

Finally, Girdwichai et al. (2020) research seeks to understand the effects of employee motivation on performance; however, the researcher further seeks to understand the roles of training and work environment in employee performance and motivation. A survey methodology was applied there conclusions showed that a good work environment should be available for employees to deliver their best. Therefore, this study will relate to my topic since it will understand the importance of good work environments like higher pay, solving conflicts, guidance, counseling, safety, etc., effects on employee motivation and performance.


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Van der Kolk, B., Van Veen-Dirks, P. M., & ter Bogt, H. J. (2019). The impact of management control on employee motivation and performance in the public sector. European Accounting Review28(5), 901-928.

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