working on a case report

I am working on a case report and having some challenges answering the below portions for my case.

These below questions are part of a 20 single spaced page report that I am working on in regards to Cooper Tire (case attached). The only source we are able to use is the attached case and the support/help I am looking for is point form notes for each of the below sections (also keep in mind that these notes will contribute to about 5 single spaced pages once I put into paragraph form).

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working on a case report
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The below external factors:

What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment? (PESTEL analysis PESTEL = PEST + Environmental + Legal)

What are the industry’s strategy-shaping economic features? (Dominant Economic Features analysis)

What factors are driving industry change, and what impact will they have? (Driving Forces analysis)

How are the industry rivals positioned in the market? (Strategic Group Map analysis)

What are the industry’s key success factors? (KSF analysis)

Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability? (overall summary conclusions of relevant findings) This is where to tie in the company’s prospects with your industry findings.

The below internal factors:

Identify and analyze key performance indicators (will include indicators for both financial and strategic objectives; financial results should include a summary of relevant facts from your financial analysis).1. What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment? (PESTELanalysis PESTEL = PEST + Environmental + Legal)Basing on PESTEL there are numerous factors to be analyzed in order…

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