wk1 response

Please respond with a substantial posts of 200-250 words to each of the two   post below. These responses should move the discussion forward and help engage the learning at all levels. 

Post one Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren’s brand has global appeal partly because of the lifestyle he is selling. It can identify with and express people’s personalities from all over the world. Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products, including apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licensed product categories. For five decades, our long-standing reputation and distinctive image have been consistently developed across an expanding number of products, brands, sales channels, and international markets. We believe that our global reach, breadth of product offerings, and multichannel distribution are unique among luxury and apparel companies (www.ralphlauren.com, 2018).
One of the main reasons that I identify with Ralph Lauren in terms of a brand that describes my personality is because I am a dreamer. I believe anything is possible if you work hard and do the right thing. The only limits in life are the ones you place on yourself. When you look at a Ralph Lauren ad, depending on the season, you may see a model in the French Riviera, and you say to yourself, that could be me. This is what great marketing is. Ralph Lauren is a brilliant marketer because he puts you in a frame of mind. He makes it seem real and he makes it seem possible. 
As a brand, you need to identify with people. They have options when spending their money. Marketing is a key component for luxury brands. Competition is stiff and there are plenty of choices. Ralph Lauren has done a great job of separating himself because of his global presence. He has been designing the U.S. Olympic Clothing for many years now and this is another way for him to market on a global stage. People from all over the world are watching and even those who may be unaware of his brand, are not cognizant. You can never become complacent in marketing. You have to think outside the box because your competitors will. 

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wk1 response
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Post #2 GUCCI
One of the global products that I can think of that matches my personality is Gucci. Despite the brand’s exclusivity and unattainability for most consumers, it has always been popular. One of the reasons why I am drawn towards this brand is because it always manages to remain ahead of the competition and staying on top through its marketing strategies. Some of Gucci’s main marketing strategies focus on creating an immersive e-commerce experience including a great online awareness. Just because it is luxury brand Gucci still has remain innovative in order to remain competitive amongst all the other luxury brands. Gucci’s online store has brought to life their collections by creating ready to wear collections as well as placing an option for the ability of the consumer to communicate with one of the sales’ representative. One of the main marketing strategies is always projecting a plethora of visual content for their consumers featuring the brand’s collections and campaigns. Gucci has been worn by a number of highly successful artists in their most successful performances. Ian Schatzberg, president of digital agency stated, “ If the story you are selling and the dream you are trying to create does not relate to popular culture and people at large, your channels are not going to drive growth”.  I believe that this is a very important aspect of marketing especially nowadays with the abundant social media resources that reaches all corners of the world. In the luxury segment, creating a buzz in the market, high visibility and garnering reputation are all necessary attributes to build a distinctive image in the mind of the consumer. Regarding the fashion business, retro-marketing strategies are emerging as a powerful brand management option; particularly for those firms that have gradually lost their role as trend setters and that no longer hold the attention of the media and consumers (Merlo & Perugini, 2015).
As a global brand Gucci has been able to remain innovative by using numerous social media resources and following popular cultures and showing great abilities to adapt its collections and trends to what the consumers want. By catering to the consumers, Gucci is able to remain ahead of the competition amongst the luxury brands. I believe that this aspect is most similar to my personality because I believe in the power of innovation in the marketing world as well as having the ability to adapt quickly all while catering and listening to what the consumer wants and needs.


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