With regard to the Charter of Rights, which one of the following statements is true

Part 1- Select the Best Answer. 

1.                With regard to the Charter of Rights, which one of the following statements is true:

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With regard to the Charter of Rights, which one of the following statements is true
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a.                 you can use it to challenge the decision of a court

b.                 you can use it to challenge a federal government law

c.                  you can use it to challenge a City by-law

d.                 you can use it to challenge a provincial government law

e.            all of the above. 

2.                Which of the following is not a fundamental Freedom under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

 a.           freedom of the press

b.                freedom of peaceful assembly

c.                freedom to own guns and ammunition

d.                freedom of association

e.                freedom of religion 

3.                Under the Charter, who has the right to enter, leave and remain in Canada?  

a.                 refugees

b.                 Canadian citizens

c.                  permanent residents

d.                 visitors

e.            none of the above 

4.                There must be at least  __  judges from Quebec on the Supreme Court of Canada:                 

 a. 1

b.  2

c.  3

d.  4

e.  5

Part 2- True or False  

T   F                       The public are not allowed to attend Canadian Courts.

T   F                      Only Canadian Citizens and permanent residents have the right to vote

T   F                       There are 12 judges on the Supreme Court of Canada.

T   F                       Canadian Law at the Federal level and in Ontario, is based on the Civil Law system of France. 

Part 3- Short Answers  

1. Which section of the Charter of Rights specifically sets out the general limits for all of the items in the Charter?  And what are the general limits?  

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