Wireless Technology Security and Its Types.

Need help with my writing homework on Wireless Technology Security and Its Types. Write a 1500 word paper answering; These are low range networks used for linking devices that are generally within a person’s reach in relatively small areas. As cable replacement for peripheral devices, WPANs are commonly used in the interconnection of printers, personal assistants, headsets and scanners in the absence of hard-wired connections (Pahlavan & Krishnamurthy, 2009). The key technologies in WPAN are Bluetooth and infrared. Bluetooth connectivity can have a 10 Mbps throughput in a range of up to 100 meters without using an amplifier. With the integration of WiFi in some electronic consumer devices and the highly efficient power consumption of Bluetooth technology, the popularity of WPAN is growing (Pahlavan & Krishnamurthy, 2009). Infrared technology can establish wireless connection speeds of a few Mbps over several meters.

A WLAN connects devices over short distances such as in a library, coffee shop, and university campus or aboard an airplane or train, and eventually provides a connection to the broader internet via an access point (Geier, 2002). Within the WLAN, all components connecting to a wireless medium are known as stations and are equipped with interface controllers. The stations are broadly categorized into two. clients and access points (APs). Wireless clients are made up of mobile devices like IP phones, personal digital assistants and laptops. They also include fixed devices like workstations and desktop computers fitted with interfaces for the wireless network. On the other hand, APs serve as the wireless network’s base stations and are normally routers. In their function, they receive and transmit radio frequencies from and to the wireless-enabled devices, enabling them to communicate with each other. Within a WLAN, users who do not need internet access may create a temporary network among themselves without using the access points.

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Wireless Technology Security and Its Types.
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