Wilhelm Wundt believed that one could perceive two stimuli at the same time.

Question 1 

Wilhelm Wundt believed that one could perceive two stimuli at the same time.

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Wilhelm Wundt believed that one could perceive two stimuli at the same time.
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Question 2 

According to the text, why was Wundt credited with being the founder of psychology and not Fechner? What does founding mean and what did Wundt do differently in his career than Fechner to be labeled as such? Be sure to answer both parts of the question for full credit. 

Question 3 

One criticism of Wundtian psychology was his method of introspection. If introspection differs across various people, how do you know which result is ______?


Question 4 

Hermann Ebbinghaus was the first psychologist to experimentally investigate learning and _________.


Question 5 

How did Titchener’s method of introspection differ from Wundt’s system of psychology? Additionally, what did he believe were the 3 essential problems for psychology?

Question 6 

The first woman to earn a doctoral degree in psychology was Margaret Floy Washburn. She also wrote a book on comparative psychology, served as the president of APA, and was the first female psychologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences. 



Question 7 

The idea of evolution did not start with Darwin and similar ideas had been discussed before his discoveries. What were some of the new findings arising during the time that evolution helped to explain or tie together?

A. animal’s ability to adapt

B. discovery of many new species

C. animals that were strikingly similar to humans

Question 8 

Explain what mental tests were, who thought of the concept, and what was the purpose of these tests? Was this data useful later in psychology?

Question 9 

_______ was the first to utilize the normal curve of distribution and statistical methods with social and biological data.


Question 10 10 pts

Match the scientists names with what they were known for studying below.

 Galton                                 [ Animal intelligence using law of parsimony, first to conduct larde scale animal psychology     ]                                                             experiment ]                        

                                              [Statistic, mental imagery, association, individual difference]

Romanes                            [   animal intelligence using introdpetion by analogy ( a later discarded technique]


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