Why Do Employees at Firms Such as Apple Computer Work?

Case 01 Because of downsizing of apple computers survivors has no other option except working hard and long hours to protect their job. The management also has big role to change workers perception to work hard and long hours otherwise workers will stressed and withdrawal behavior may occur. As stated in the case, apple computer workers wearing the t-shirts that proclaim “90 hours a week and loving it! ” is a kind of management actions will help to change their workers personality, perception and make positive attitude on working hard and long hours Also they provide mobile phones, pagers and computers to their workers for telecommuting.
This will helps to balance their work- life balance. The motivation factors of the organization will be most important for retain the workers and encourage them to work hard and long hours in a effective manner with positive attitudes. Job satisfaction of the employees will happily contribute to the organization positively and effectively also, organizational commitment of the employees will play major role.
If employees are well committed in to the organization, they will do their best to the organization in a happily and positively. As stated in the case, managements try to select the employees with personality to work long hours when requiting the new employees so they don’t need to do much to change employees attitudes to work around the clock since when they apply the job they are ready to work long hours. Nations Trust Bank in sri lanka also practiced downsizing during the Global economic recession in year 2009.

They have terminated their temporary staff at counters in all branches to reduce their administrative cost so survived staff has to work hard and long hours to complete the usual process. Nations Trust Bank is normally operating 8 hours per day and 365 days per year. due to this downsizing front level managers also has to fill the counter work and finally they are stressed but they don’t have any other option since Nations Trust Bank having good image and value on banking sector in sri lanka and it’s a subsidiary of popular john keels group employees hesitate to switch their job.
By understanding this by the top management at nations trust bank change some structural, process and behavioral changing strategies to keep their workers more positively and effectively. They also staff to ware t-shirts on holiday work they allow their employees to work on shift basis & flexible work arrangements. Also they provide outbound training and many other personality development training programs and Extrinsic motivations like salary increments.

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Why Do Employees at Firms Such as Apple Computer Work?
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