Whether addressing a problem presented in a created case study or pursuing theoretical or practice-based research

RES-815 and RES-820 Assignment

The course has been very beneficial as it has equipped me with skills on knowing what is relevant to an article without reading the entire article. As I proceed with the course, I intend to expand my list of resources independently to defend the topic of selection at first residency by finding the most relevant articles for the research and finding their references to find more information that will be helpful for the research. (Rahman, K. (2020)

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Whether addressing a problem presented in a created case study or pursuing theoretical or practice-based research
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This will work to develop my research proposal by equipping me with relevant and vast information, thus allowing me to choose the most relevant information for the research, thus allowing me to include reliable and validated information in the research. My plan to use the upcoming courses is to continue reading more literature reviews for more articles, thus finding issues that have not been justified. After finding issues that I have not been justified, I will work all ways possible to justify the issues, thus becoming one of the popular authors globally.


Rahman, K. (2020). Reading Journal Articles for Thesis Preparation: Voices from EFL Undergraduates. Linguists: Journal Of Linguistics and Language Teaching6(2), 48-58.

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