Where do you stand (or sit) on the debate between a social learning-centered approach vs. a social control-centered approach


Qualifications of a law enforcement officer

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Where do you stand (or sit) on the debate between a social learning-centered approach vs. a social control-centered approach
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The suitable qualifications of a law enforcement officer

The policing booklet reflects some of the key skills that one should have when becoming a police officer. These various necessities should be met by those willing to serve as public safety officials. Despite the standards such as physical, education, plus age necessities that are needed in the recruitment process of law enforcement officials, there are other crucial qualifications required in the process. For instance, integrity is an important quality where a police officer should have powerful ethical character. However, this shows that a representative should always be true and portray a constant commitment to ethical and noble values. Generally, any police officer who portrays integrity trait in their responsibilities is the ones who perform their duties of maintaining the security of the community effectively. These officers are always trusts and honored by all people. Therefore, reflecting integrity at the state level is vital since it is a key qualification for police officers (Scherman, 2019).

Additionally, empathy is the other relevant qualification identified in the policy book. It involves the capability of an individual to comprehend another person’s emotions and attempt to sense what it should be like when experiencing what they are facing. Compassion is again critical to all law enforcement representatives since it includes the ability to comprehend the challenge faced by another person, take it to another state, and take suitable action to solve it (Scherman, 2019). Generally, a qualified police officer should view things from different angles and attempt to comprehend the situation of another individual who is either suspected of doing an illegal action or a victim of the illegal action. The two qualities, compassion, and empathy assist police officers in growing confidence and a good rapport when associating with different people in society. Again, they both assist in creating a positive image and cure of some traumatic conditions that affect persons.

Another important trait of a police officer includes good communication techniques plus human association practices. These are very vital since a law enforcement representative should communicate well with people of all kinds. However, they should contain good written plus verbal communication techniques. This shows that a security officer should share and acquire information from people concerning any incidence properly and create a good report that can reflect what was communicated. Further, because individuals from distinct areas seek help and assistance from a law enforcement officer, it is vital to know how to communicate well with them and deliver a thorough report that all members can trust (Scherman, 2019).

Problem-solving skills are vital during the recruitment procedure of the police officers because it is a measure that helps maintain peace after problems are solved. A qualified law enforcement officer should be able to solve conflicts of all kinds successfully and tactfully. A great accomplishment is felt if a law enforcement representative can solve conflicts and create peaceful conditions among friends, kids, or members of the same household. Also, they should resolve crimes that are creating divisions among people and calm an individual down in case of any emotional feeling from any happening. Generally, the capability to solve conflicts and maintain peace is a key qualification that makes one enjoy this position of law enforcement professional.

Self-control is the other vital qualification. A qualified police officer should be capable of controlling and modifying responses to do away with unwanted actions, promote good action, and ensure long-term objectives. Moreover, studies have indicated that ensuring self-control as a police officer is vital since it helps maintain good well-being while in this field.

Additionally, service orientation is relevant for law enforcement officers because it helps create social awareness of other people. A qualified police officer should recognize, anticipate, and accomplish other individuals’ desires no matter their situations. Also, team orientation is relevant since it maintains good collaboration among police officers, and it can help them ensure a strong power in a group. A good law enforcement expert should target the objectives, the wellness, plus encouragement to other people. Further, they should respect other person’s opinions, solve their challenges, listen to them keenly and provide assistance where possible (Goodwin University, 2020).

Added requirements;

The other critical qualifications include mental agility, where a successful police officer should be good-look, with intellectual knowledge, and perceive any change. Generally, they should contain the capability to assess and comprehend their workplace conditions always and preclude what might come in the future. However, this qualification assists law enforcement professionals react swiftly when a threat occurs and be ready to solve it. Nevertheless, adaptability is relevant since the role of ensuring security is not easily predictable. Therefore, law enforcement experts should be prepared for anything that they face in their life (ndeed Editorial Team, 2021).

In summary, all these skills and measures are important and can help one qualify to be a law enforcement officer. Despite the other physical, age, and education necessities, these discussed qualifications are vital for persons who need to join this job position. The ability to attract and create a good association with all members before a person is chosen to be a law enforcement officer are added requirements that help the suitable candidates work without difficulties.


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