What was Social Darwinism and why were Americans more open to the idea than people in other countries

Question 1 

What was Social Darwinism and why were Americans more open to the idea than people in other countries? Please be sure to answer both parts of the question for full credit.

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What was Social Darwinism and why were Americans more open to the idea than people in other countries
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Question 2 

What did William James mean by ‘stream of consciousness?

A. consciousness is a flowing and continuous process. Any attempt to break apart it to elements will distort it.

B. the way ideas flow through the brain

C. consciousness is a discrete process. One should be able to reduce it into elements to study it.

Question 3 

fill in the blank

Mary Whiton Calkins completed her graduate education at Harvard but was————————–

to be awarded her Ph.D. Even with the help, high praise, and recommendation from William James and others, Harvard ignored her requests because she was a ——————————- Eventually, Columbia awarded her a ——————————-degree, but Harvard did not award doctoral degrees to women until ————————————-





Question 4 

In her doctoral dissertation, Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley was the first to examine the Darwinian idea that women were inferior to men. She tested 25 women and 25 men on sensory thresholds, motor ability, personality traits, and intellectual abilities. There were no differences in emotional functioning, small insignificant intellectual differences, and also found that women were slightly better than men in regards to memory and sensory perception. She was also the first to attribute said differences to social and environmental factors rather than solely biological. 



Question 5 

What were the symptoms of “American nervousness” or neurasthenia? Select all that apply.

A. anxiety

B. insomnia 

C. hypochondria

D.  hunger

Question 6 

Who does the credit of founding functionalism go to? How does functionalism differ from structuralism? Please be sure to briefly answer both questions to receive full credit. 

Question 7 

List 2 contributions from the functionalism school of thought that influenced how psychology research is performed today.

Question 8

What 3 things about Cattell’s work specifically influenced American psychology the most? (Select 3 that apply)

A. measurement of individual differences

B. mental testing

C. operant conditioning 

B.promotion of applied psychology

Question 9 

Once psychological testing gained public acceptance, intelligence and psychological tests were used in colleges, workplaces, and schools.



Question 10 

fill in the blank

Industrial psychologists, who studied workplace conditions and efficiency of employees, were

——————————at how much psychological and social aspects were actually much 

——————————-important than physical conditions of the workplace.



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