what types of investment instruments are available

Over the past ten weeks, we have had discussions around how investors act, what matters to them, and what types of investment instruments are available. We have also talked about retirement, government lending, and what impact current events have on the market. With your own personal stock picks (stitch fix) you have seen the gains (or losses) our group portfolio has sustained over the past months as well.

Putting all of this dialogue of markets and investing together, there are three big elements we have reviewed that all significantly impact the US economy:

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what types of investment instruments are available
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  • The relationship between risk and returns.
  • Mutual Funds.
  • Interest Rates.

In a written paper, with a minimum of 1350 words, please discuss each of these three topics in detail, touching on the topics we covered in class and in your textbook. Your paper should be properly referenced – any quote or even rewording you do from the textbook or websites need to be cited. Besides your textbook(Jordan 9e, fundamentals of investment) please include at least 3 other sources – 1 of the 3 must be a scholarly-reviewed journal with proper references.

The grade for the paper will be based on:

  • Content
  • Grammatical Accuracy
  • References
  • Overall Presentation


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