What is the project’s IRR? 

a. Political riskb. Country riskc. Sovereign risk


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What is the project’s IRR? 
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2.​In sensitivity analysis of foreign projects what matters is the ___________ cash flows generated by the project before you can use different scenarios.

a. incrementalb. base-casec. parent

3.​A foreign project that is _____  when valued on its own can be ________  from the parent firm’s standpoint.

​a. ​unprofitable, profitable

​b.​positive NPV, negative NPV

c.​appreciated, depreciated

4.​The relevant cash flows to use in foreign project valuation, when capital markets are segmented, are 

​a.​incremental worldwide project cash flows

b.​cashflows discounted by interest rates in the respective countries

​c.​total worldwide cash flows generated by the project

additional questions in attachment 

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