What Is the Heart of Catholicism.

Need help with my writing homework on What Is the Heart of Catholicism. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This study throws light on Jesus Christ’s life and revelation, the significance of the bible, the church’s ongoing rite of “Lord’s Supper” with an example, and ending with the present scenario of emerging false religions in America.

Jesus Christ is thought to be the incarnation of God i.e. when God became human. He was considered a God-man since he manifested such miracles that are out of control of a simple human being. He cured the ills, controlled nature’s happenings, rebuked the dark powers, cured the blinds, deaf and pardoned the sinners, etc. This made him a Godly figure that could do anything at his will power. He invited people to question his existence and showed them to his disciples by saying: “Come, and you will see”, (Jn 1:39). This here shows that the disciples of Jesus actually mean followers who stay with Jesus physically at that time, and spiritually today. The Godly nature of Jesus is proved through many of his saying such as once he said: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Mt 24:35). However, many scholars consider him mere a preacher but this is also proved by Jesus claiming his true worth by saying: “Whoever is not with me is against me” (Lk 11:23), and that is how the Christians stick to this firm belief of Jesus. He is considered “Yahweh” as told in the old testaments who was ought to do four tasks and Jesus did all of them in his own way. This also makes him the highest authority of all Christians (Catholicism 9-27).

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Now, moving toward the teachings of Jesus in black and white form i.e. bible and its canon. Bible is the holy book that includes all the manifestations and teachings of holy Jesus Christ thereby educating its believers spiritually and morally. The process of developing the “canon of the bible” was started by combining old testaments with traditions of the past. With the passage of time, different cannons started emerging. But there was not a biblical canon that could be made a standard of measuring the authenticity of the Christian faith. Hence, in order to make a standard holy bible for preserving the faith of the believers, a “Christian canon” was made comprising of old testaments, four Gospels, and Paul’s letters that were widely used in all churches (Gaillardetz 29-39).

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