What is Gestalt psychology and how was it different than behaviorism?

Question 1 

What is Gestalt psychology and how was it different than behaviorism?

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What is Gestalt psychology and how was it different than behaviorism?
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Question 2 

What were the perceptual organization principles

A.  continuity, proximity, similarity, figure/ground, simplicity, and closure

B.  continuity, proximity, & similarity

 C. proximity and figure/ground 

D. closure & simplicity

Question 3

The Zeigarnik effect is the tendency for someone to recall completed tasks easier than tasks that have not been completed.



Question 4 

How does psychoanalysis differ from other schools of thought mentioned thus far? 

Question 5 

What were 3 influences on the psychoanalytic movement?

A. early ideas on the treatment of mental disorders

B. evolutionary theory 

C. behaviorism

D. Philosophical ideas on unconscious psychological phenomena

Question 6 

What were some of the treatments used in the first psychiatric treatment practice? What was the difference between the somatic and psychic approaches?

Question 7 

Breifly discuss the criticisms of psychoanalysis. 

Question 8 

Explain the major contributions of Gestalt and Psychoanalysis to the field of psychology are. Make sure to talk about both schools of thought.

Question 9 

Briefly discuss the contributions of both humanistic and positive psychology.

Question 10 

After reading chapter 15, Discuss one of the schools of thought or a continuing development in psychology you read in this chapter that interests you. Feel free to bring in other research you have read on this particular topic, your thoughts on it, how it can be beneficial in the future, etc. 

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