what is Crittenden’s perspective about marriage, and does it hold merit?

Below is what was given by the teacher, I also need a work cited page.Research Paper Prompt (Crittenden & Coontz)In Danielle Crittenden’s essay, “About Marriage,” she presents notions of marriage from her vantage point. Thus, from the particulars in her essay, what is Crittenden’s perspective about marriage, and does it hold merit? To further explore her perspective, explore the key ideas she uses to support her position. Drawing from Stephanie Coontz’s essay, “What We Really Miss About the 1950s,” identify her essay’s overall argument, and examine the ways in which her assertions on marriage (and life) in the 1950s reflect as well as challenge Crittenden’s claims. Note: Be sure to support your discussion with specific examples from both primary texts, and secondary sources, which would include other writers, scholars, theorists, and literary critics to compose your essays. You may also draw from class discussions, journals, posts, peer-workshops, and presentations to support your argument. PAPER/FORMAT GUIDELINESYour research paper should adhere to the following guidelines:MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 font, 1 inch margins, all around)Paper length: 4-6 complete pages (which does NOT include the Works Cited pg.)Six (6) or more secondary sources (which includes the 2 I gave you)Email a copy of your draft to one of your peers and/or TA for peer-workshop feedbackGrading: 25% (5% early draft(s)) – See Announcements for draft datesDue Date: May 25 @ 11:59 pmNote: save your document in a format I and your peers can open (preferable Microsoft Word)NOTEPlease be aware that a passing research paper should do the following:respond to all aspects of the writing promptShould have a clear and focused argument throughout the essaypresent a critical and insightful discussion throughout the essaypresent organized and coherent paragraphsshow a command of MLA documentationdemonstrate the flexibility of sentence varietyshow proficiency in grammar & mechanicsemploy robust and effective vocabulary


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