What effects does health information technology have on quality health care

This paper and interim report is for a Quality Management course. My paper topic will be on quality health care with Health information technology. I will provide 4 references (4) and link that you can use for interim report and research paper. All references need to be scholarly journals and or have books that are no less than 5 YEARS OLD. Interim report can be minimum of 12 pages. Interim report (Status report for the paper) will be needed by Oct 11th (15 days from this order date to check on how the paper is going , its needed for my professor). All instructions for interim report and grading rubric will be listed in a separate document. This is one research paper however it has 2 deliverables. An outline for the interim report and research paper will be included and a draft of the abstract however abstract can be written differently. Uploaded is a draft. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have interim report (sample of research paper by Oct 11th). Final paper of the entire product isn’t due until 30 days of this order.


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