What are the five cultures present in New Orleans

Music Culture What is a musical culture? Everyone grows up hearing and using the music of their individual culture . Each generation g rows up with the music that is around them. Their family, their friends, their location ; all contribute experiences which become their history… or collective memory. This becomes their “standard” that they then build on and embellish. This new, built up and embellished, music becomes the new “standard” of what music is and how it is used for the next generat ion and on and on. A Music Culture Model This models works as well for individual people as it does for overall cultures. So… the music of each culture has been building up over hundreds or even thousands of years. Just in the past 40 years or so we can see our American popular music evolve. Hip Hop and Rap would be totally foreign and strange to a person who hadn’t lived through its development. Young people today would not know of a time that didn’t inc lude the Hip Hop and Rap styles…they are par t of their “collective memory” . Think about the evolution of your musical tastes . How was music “used” in your household? What effect did your friends have on your musical taste? How about where you lived? Present Culture . Which combines with: The creation of “New” Music . Which leads to: New Musical Experiences . Which are absorbed into: Our collective Memory/ History. Which defines our: Creation.

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What are the five cultures present in New Orleans
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