What are the five cultures present in New Orleans

The European Musical Culture Of the points listed in our discussion of African musical culture, the European culture can be looked at as almost an opposite experience. Music is a separate event from daily life Generally in European cultures music is an entertainment event. Concerts, coffee shop performances and even amateur ensembles are specific events put together for the music experience. Music doesn’t just occur in their daily lives. It is separ ated out and scheduled into the events of daily life. Remember, this is before radio, iPods, TV and all the other things that expose us to passive listening experiences today. Harmony is emphasized While European music generally has a pulse or beat und erlying it, melody and harmony are emphasized. Over most of “Classical” music history the harmonic content of the music was developed with each generation building on and refining harmonic and melodic ideas. The pulse of the music was allowed and expected to speed up and slow down for expressive purposes. Rhythms were generally simple when compared to the African tradition. As said earlier, the notation system that developed in Europe is actually incapable of transcribing what many African cultures would ha ve considered a very basic rhythmic pattern. Music is left to the “professionals” In Western European music the writing and performing of music is generally left to the professionals. Concerts are attended by the public in order to watch professional mus icians play music written by professional composers. Even amateur performers are often performing pieces written by professional composers. The music is primarily written out The history of what we call “Western European” or “Classical” music can almost be looked at as the history of musical notation. The development of music notation allowed for incredibly complex musical structures. Large pieces with very rich harmonic content enabled since African Music Culture Western European Music Culture • Music and daily life intertwine • Music is a separate event within daily life • Rhythm is emphasized • Harmony and Melody are emphasized • No separation of musicians and public • Music performed and created by professionals • “Oral” tradition • Written tradition Types of Listening Listening is listening you say? Well hearing is a basic biological process but listening is a little deeper than just hearing. The basic span of listening will go from Passive to Active. You can probably see how this range of listening applies to life in general as opposed to just music.

(“He is such a good listener.” Or, “He hears me, but he just doesn’t listen.”) PASSIVE______ _______________________________________________ ACTIVE Background music in a restaurant or mall is meant to be listened to passively. You are not really paying specific attention to the music but it is creating an ambience that is affecting you none the less. Active listening would be the total immersion of your attention on the music. You are thinking about the music exclusively. Melody, harmony, rhythm, form, timbre are the things you are focused on. You don’t have to be a musician to do this, but it does actually take a little practice. musicians would not have to memorize large pieces and pieces wo uld not have to be taught note by note from one person to another. It could be written down and learned separately. Ironically, because of the emphasis on notation as a means of preserving European music much of the “folk” music of the European peasants and rural villages was lost and the history of European music has been skewed towards religious and music of the royal courts because this is the music that actually was written down.

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What are the five cultures present in New Orleans
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