Wellness Action Plan

Wellness Action Plan Physical Emotional Social Spiritual Academic/Learning Actions (what actions do you need to take to address these needs) Outcome (what will be the result of your actions) Time Frame (when should this be done by) Resources (what resources do you need to achieve this) Student name: _______________________ Date__________________________Wellness Action Plan (This counts for about 300 words.)Consider what factors and lifestyle choices may affect your personal health, fitness and wellbeing (include at least one reference)(Write approx. 400 words) Identify what strategies you will need for self-care and how you will develop resilience (include at least one reference)(Write approx. 400 words) Discuss the relationship between your personal health and wellbeing and the professional responsibilities you will have as a nurse (include at least one reference)(Write approx. 400 words) Reference list:

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Wellness Action Plan
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