week 7 homework

Complete the following homework problems: In your own words, please submit your responses in one document (MS Word, PDF) and upload it as an attachment to Blackboard. DO NOT type your responses in the white box AND DO NOT submit the homework questions in your responses. Any resemblance of plagiarism will result in a zero. Your submission will be submitted to SafeAssign. You have one submission attempt only. Please make sure you read the instructions and follow them. Visit the Web site of the CFA Institute, http://www.cfainstitute.org. Type the word “ethics” into the site’s search function. Discuss, in your own words, the ethics issues that the CFA Institute is analyzing or discussing.Visit the Web site of the CFP Board, http://www.cfp.net. Type the word “ethics” into the site’s search function. Describe a few of the pages that appear from the search.Now that you have a better idea of various ethical standards from the CFA Institute and CFP Board, conduct research and identify someone that has violated an ethical standard. (For example, Martha Stewart and insider trading) Do not use Martha Stewart. Remember, you are to submit an example from the CFA Institute AND the CFP Board, not one. Failure to submit both will get you half credit. This assignment is worth 100 points, so be detailed.

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week 7 homework
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