Week 6 Assignment – Leadership Strategies for HROverview

Strayer University Library /  Library Guides /  Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) /  PowerPoint ®/ Slideshow Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) SWS Home Citing Sources Formatting Guidelines Essay/Paper Templated Assignment Discussion Post PowerPoint ®/ Slideshow Test Your Knowledge All SWS FAQs All SWS Virtual Events  Citation Generators Ask Your Librarian Use these rules when working on a PowerPoint or slideshow assignment.  SWS Sample Slideshow Open this file to see what a completed slideshow looks like.

 SWS Slideshow Template Save this file to your computer and each time you open it, it will create a blank template. (Citations and Sources are not automatically added in this template.) ® PowerPoint ®/Slideshow Checklist Design Use a background color or image on slides.

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Week 6 Assignment – Leadership Strategies for HROverview
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Use Calibri, Lucida Console, Helvetica, Futura, Myriad Pro, or Gill Sans font style. Use 28–32-point font size for the body of your slides (based on your chosen font style). Avoid font sizes below 24-point. Use 36–44-point font size for the titles of your slides (based on chosen font style). Limit slide content (7 or fewer lines per slide and 7 or fewer words per line). Number slides when the assignment requires 3 or more slides. Place numbers wherever you like (but be consistent). Include appropriate images that connect directly to the slide content or presentation content. TitlSlid   Library Guides Search Ask Your Librarian Last Updated: Aug 5, 2021 9:54 PM URL: https://library.strayer.edu/sws  Print Page Admin Access Report a problem Tags: apa , citation , citation styles , citations , in-text citations , strayer writing standards , sws Title Slide Include the assignment title, your name, course title, your professor’s name, and the date of submission on a dedicated slide (first of submission). Develop Use appropriate language and be concise.

Write in active voice when possible.

Use spelling/grammar check and proofread to keep work error free. Cite Credible Sources Provide credible sources to support your ideas/work when required. Cite sources throughout your work when you borrow someone else’s words or ideas. Don’t forget: Cite and add your textbook to the Source List if used as a source. Sources may be provided on a slide-by-slide basis (providing Source List entries at bottom of slide where source referenced) or in a comprehensive Source List at the end of slideshow. Build a Sources List Include a Sources List slide when the assignment requires research or if you cite the textbook. Type “Sources” centered horizontally on the first line of the Source List slide. Record the sources that you used in your assignment in a numbered list. Clear all checkboxes   Ask Your Librarian Disciplines: *Research & Information Literacy , *Writing, Citation, & Plagiarism , ACC – Accounting , BUS – Business , CIS – Computer Information Systems , COM – Communication , CRJ – Criminal Justice , DAT – Business Data , ECO – Economics , EDU – Education , ENG – English , FIN – Finance , FOS – Foundations of Success , HIS – History , HRM – Human Resources Management , HSA – Health Services Administration , HTM – Hospitality and Tourism Management , HUM – Humanities , ITB – International Business , JGR – Joe Gibbs Performance Management , LEG – Legal Studies , MAT – Mathematics , MGT – Management , MKT – Marketing , PAD – Public Administration , PHI – Philosophy , POL – Political Science , PSY – Psychology , REL – Religion , SAL – Sales , SCI – Science , SEC – Security , SOC – Sociology , WRK – Workforce Skills Strayer University Library Resources Guides Services About the Library Database List All Library Guides Virtual Events Library Homepage Online Research Portal Guides By Discipline FAQs Watch our Video Tour Virtual Writing Center Guides by Type Ask Your Librarian Read our Blog Strayer Writing Standards What is a library guide? For Alumni Outages   For Faculty Access and use of materials through the Strayer University Library and this website is restricted to currently registered University students, faculty, and administrative staff to conduct academic research or other activities pertaining directly to University purposes and in accordance with any specific terms, conditions, or stipulations as identified by the individual database providers. Any and all other uses are forbidden. Accuracy of the data and information provided in the databases is the responsibility of each database provider, publisher or content creator; Strayer University makes no representation regarding the contents of the databases.   Ask Your Librarian

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