Week 5: Student Response to Discussion 1 and 2

Week 5 – Discussion 2Tanya Bosford 2/16/2017 3:14:09 PM
Construct an open-ended question:Most of the literary material that I have read has contained two or three literary techniques. Is it possible to use more? Would it be too busy or could it be just right for a story? Would this be a new genre of writing? How would it start and end? Could there be more than one writing style within the same story, without it being awful?Share what you learned by reading your peers posts throughout the class:I have learned, and for me this is a big lesson, that not everyone interprets the same information the same way. Literary techniques and conflicts are seen differently through different eyes.Discuss your initial response to the Clugston (2014) quote from Week One. Based on what you learned about literature, what has changed?“Clugston’s quote “a powerful curiosity about human relationships and how to cope in the world in which we find ourselves” (Section 1.1, para 2), is timeless. It applies to human nature as a whole. Since the beginning of time people have been curious and inquisitive, within their means. As time moves forward improvements incur, in whichever way one chooses to view these changes. I try to stay positive, myself. Change is necessary. Why fight it? I do believe the way in which literature is taken in has changed. To shape a well-rounded individual it is imperative to expose them to all ways of enhancement in education. Let them make up their own mind and find what works for them individually (Bosford, 2017).” My opinion of literature has not changed from week one. I have learned how to analyze it a little better and gained some insight into plays that I did not have previously.How have feelings changed or remained the same from Week 1 discussion 1?I did gain a deeper understanding of literature taking this class. It may serve a purpose in my future, so I am glad that I spent my time here.Clugston, R. W. (2014). https://goo.gl/dwubdd (2nd Ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from http://content.ashford.edu/


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