Week 5: Student Response to Discussion 1 and 2

ENG125 W5D2Mark Norris 2/15/2017 12:46:18 PM
Construct an open-ended question (see How to Ask an Open-Ended Question handout) to ask your peers about the literature you read in the class. Avoid asking closed-end questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer. The question should not be overly broad or too general, but focus on specific literary conflicts, techniques, or themes.In the story, “How I Met My Husband”, why do you think the character Chris Waters avoided his fiancé?Share what you learned by reading your peers’ posts throughout the class.From reading posts from my peers I learned that it’s sometimes difficult to delve deep into a story and pull out meaning. For example there were many instances in which I read posts from peers that had chosen the same material as myself and had come to a completely different reaction. Some of our ideas on why things happened in the stories were polar opposites of each other. Neither party was incorrect; we had merely taken away a completely different view of the plot. Maybe it was how we read it, or when; possibly we had different knowledge of the era or different social views of the situation.Discuss your initial response to the Clugston (2014) quote from Week One. Based on what you learned about literature, what has changed? How will these changes impact your perspective on literature?I’m not for sure my perspective on literature has changed as much as my process of viewing it has changed. I can see the how the curiosity of human relationships and how we cope with the world is a binding agent for our reasons to pursue knowledge through literature better however. I feel that through our interpretations of literature however it is unlikely that we will all find a common message. Yet, we all do grow as humans with knowledge through literary interaction.


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