Week 4: Response to Student Discussions

Week 4 Discussion 2Tyler Myers 2/9/2017 5:01:37 PM
The conflict in this story is Individual vs. Society. Kali is a lesbian and in her culture that isn’t accepted as much as it is in the Western world. Kali’s family is unaware of her sexual preference, therefore her brother continues to set her up on dates in order to bring on an arranged wedding. Kali continues to shut down all of the men she meets with on her brothers behalf, because of her sexual orientation. This same conflict is what causes Kali’s attitude towards Steve in the beginning and the end of the play. Because of Kali’s sexual orientation, and her thoughts of how others view it she was quite short and rude with Steve. She made assumptions of his thoughts and actions, which eventually led to an argument. As the conversation cooled down, Steve let up on the marriage idea, and became more understanding of her position. The same conflict Kali was having with herself allowed her to let Steve in a little when she realized how understanding he was. Ultimately turning an dead end setup first date in a bar, to come to a man and a woman becoming friends over mutual feelings about the conflict


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