Week 4: Response to Student Discussions

week 4 disc 1Willie Williams 2/7/2017 5:13:29 PM
The main conflict seen in the play Macbeth is the conflict of individual versus society. This is seen in Macbeths conflict with the current king, and with his allies that he has killed. Since the conflict was towards multiple people of Scottland, including the King, so the whole society takes part in the conflict. It corresponds to Macbeths development by showing just the kind of man he is; superstitious, hungry for power, clever, disloyal. A literary technique that is used very much in this story is conflict. The story is all conflict between Macbeth, his wife, the king, Scottish people and the English. Conflict was the reason this story started, continued and ended. Another is literary technique that is used is fate. When the witches tell Macbeth what his future is to be, the future is most certainly spelled out for both the characters and the readers, and all told events do happen. Humans have a natural hunger for power, a certain cleverness to them, and a specific flaw that is to live by the rule of a superstitious idea. Macbeth wonderfully displays all of these aspects when plotting, killing and believing in the prophecy told to him by the witches.

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