Week 2 writing assigment

1. Dickinson and Whitman are two important poets from the antebellum period. They are very different, both in terms of form (what their poetry looks like on the page) and content. Write a comparison, using poems from the assigned reading, that includes at least three terms defined in the Poetry Lecture in Week 1, as well as the poets’ purpose in writing. What messages are they trying to convey in their poetry? Are they successful? Of the two poets, which one do you prefer and why? Reading assignments from:Walt Whitmanbiography (pp. 1005-1009)”Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” (pp. 1069-1073)Emily Dickinsonbiography (pp. 1189-1193)Poem 122 (“These are the days when Birds come back”) (p. 1194)Poem 207 (“I taste a liquor never brewed”) (p. 1195)Poem 236 (“Some keep the Sabbath going to Church”) (p. 1196)BOOK USE N. Baym, W. Franklin, P. Gura, J. Klinkowitz, A. Krupat,R. Levine, . . . P. Wallace (Eds.) The Norton anthology ofAmerican literature (shorter 8th ed.). New York, NY: W.W. Norton. ISBN: 9780393918854


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