Week 8 Stock Journal


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FIN100: Principles of Finance

Week 3 Stock Journal

In this case, the companies I selected include Air products and chemicals Inc., which is a basic material industry. The next one is AT&T Inc., a communication industry, and finally, we have Pfizer Inc. That is under the healthcare sector.

Dividing $25,000 across these three companies

Pfizer Invest $8,000, Air products and chemicals Inc. Invest $9,000, and AT&T Invest $8,000

Provide a reason for picking each company

In this case, I did pick Air products and chemicals since its shares are appreciating, which means investing in the company is profitable. This is the same case with AT&T since it can be observed that the shares are increasing in value which is profitable for the investor. This is the same case for Pfizer, where its products are being used globally, and share appreciates making it good. Due to the increase in the share prices means that economic growth will be obtained.

Identify the number of shares you are buying and the price of the shares you are buying for each company.

Pfizer share price 41.47 Invest $8,000/41.47=192.91 shares

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. share price 288.46 Invest $9,000/288.46=31.20

AT&T share price 28.01 Invest $8,000/28.01285.61 shares

Week 8 Stock Journal

I had chosen the following stocks which made me gain a lot of funds in the past weeks. They include AT&T, air product and chemical Inc. and Pfizer. I made a profit of $138 which made me have something above $25,000 of what I invested. The way the stock would continue increasing, the more I will gain more out of my investment. One of the reasons I felt that my stock has increased is because of the mass vaccination of Covid-19. This has made many people across the business to feel confident in traveling everywhere and investing in various companies of their choice since the economies were opened, and now things were back to normal. The other reason is that people working in companies have are adequately provided with tools and equipment to protect themselves from contacting Covid-19.


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