Week 1: Discussion & Self-Reflection

n your reading, videos, and assessments from this week, you started learning strategies for goal setting and researching employers. In a competitive job market, it is critical that you learn how to search for jobs effectively and with purpose.In a minimum of 150 words, answer the following questions (please include the questions in your responses):Explain what interested you the most about the readings and videos from this week. You did a job analysis/career search paper … What did you get from this exercise? How has it changed how you think about marketing yourself and writing your resume?How do you think your research results would set you apart from other candidates? Be specific!Is there a skills you identified as something you are missing or what to strive toward? What is your next step to obtain that skill?Have you done an internship? What did you learn? If not, what is your ideal internship experience, and how are you going to go about getting it?umuc online Career Planning management umuc username: JMARTNumuc password: Taisha 828

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Week 1: Discussion & Self-Reflection
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