Web and Cloud Threats

Use the iNTegrity file integrity checking software
– Description in Appendix E
• Provide a threat model for the proposed system
• Identify AT LEAST three specific threats
– NOT threat types!
– One for data flow, one for data store, one for a process
• Recommend at least two remediations per threat
• Each group will write a paper
– Describe each threat
– At least two remediation recommendations for each threat

Papers should follow this general outline:
– Introduction
– System description (elaborate on Figure E-6) and
BRIEFLY describe iNTegrity
– Identified Threats (at least three)
• Justification and explanation
• References
• Impact if not addressed
– Remediation recommendations
• At least two remediations per threat
– Conclusions

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Web and Cloud Threats
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Must be in APA Style – Recommend Research
APA Style Before Residency Weekend
• Research Paper Must Have at Least 5 Works
Cited of Which 2 Must be Peer Reviewed
• Must be at Least 5 Double-Spaced Pages
• Minimum 1,250 words

Powerpoint presentation with 10 slides and same content as paper


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