“Wealth provides a lifetime of financial, health and other advantages” 

I need help with these questions: 

Based on the book: Toxic Inequality (Chapter 1) 

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“Wealth provides a lifetime of financial, health and other advantages” 
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Word Count minimum: 500 

1. Thomas Shapiro writes; “Wealth provides a lifetime of financial, health and other advantages” Using evidence from the reading explain what some of those financial, health, and other advantages are according to Shapiro. Make sure that you use your own words/language.

2. In Chapter 1, Thomas Shapiro introduces us to Cindy Breslin. What were some of the challenges that Cindy and her family faced and how did she cope with some of those challenges?

3. What does Thomas Shapiro argue is the reality of upward social mobility?

4. Were you able to find any evidence in this chapter of the importance of social and cultural capital?

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