We focus on institutional racism in the workplace, and incorporating an activity (KWL) for you to reflect on.

The “KWL” assignment looks at what you know about a topic (K), what you want to know about a topic (W), and what you have learned in this class about a topic (L). Our topic is institutional racism in the workplace.

  1. The K List: What knowledge do you know with regarding institutional racism? This can be based on assumptions you had about it too—even if they were incorrect. Just write a list of your assumptions and knowledge.
  2. The W List: What are you are interested in knowing more about regarding institutional discrimination? You have done some reading on the topic at this point, so what are you curious to know more about? Do you just want to deepen your knowledge? The important point here to reflect on is why you want to know more.
  3. The L List: Time to connect the dots! What have you learned about institutional discrimination that you did not know before? Did any information change your perspective? Did any of your pre-existing opinions solidify? Make that list and provide some explanations.

300 words

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We focus on institutional racism in the workplace, and incorporating an activity (KWL) for you to reflect on.
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