war of words

COLLAPSEOverall Rating:1234512345The War off tha WordzWriting and communication is such an important tool in your academic toolbox. If you’re a clear writer, your audience has no problems in distinguishing your meanings, your purpose, and your support. But, if your writing isn’t clear, then bad things can happen.Let’s take a look at some scenarios where proofreading can stop your readers mid-sentence. Choose one of these scenarios. Comment on how you would fix the sentence and list the strategy you would use to avoid a similar mistake in your own writing.U R constantly using text language in your English course.You’re messaging your significant other and you mention that they are “defiantly bautiful”.Your chosen topic, for your assignment sets in CIS105: “Dogs is better then cats”.You’re getting into the Realty Business and you’re listing your first house. In the listing, you mention that the house “has a heated poo in the back yard.

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war of words
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