w2 disc innovation organization

I need some assistance with these assignment. w2 disc innovation organization Thank you in advance for the help! Innovation Organization: Week 2 Discussion al Affiliation Innovation Organization: Week 2 Discussion Innovation seems to be a commonly known term applied in various endeavors. White & Bruton (2011) considered Rubenstein’s definition of innovation as most appropriate, to wit: “the process whereby new and improved products, process, materials, and services are developed and transferred to a plant and/or market where they are appropriate” (p. 19). More importantly, managing innovation was emphasized requiring the encouragement of creativity and propensities for taking risks. An organization that has evidently regarded innovation as a crucial part of their success is Nike.

Two guidelines that fuel innovation at Nike are: (1) asking questions on the organization’s competencies and its directions by understanding risks and opportunities. and (2) using scenario planning to “assess the potential impacts that external issues such as climate change or resource scarcity might have on NIKE” (Nike, Inc., 2014, p. 1). These guidelines are consistent with those behaviors which managers should encourage to ensure innovation is applied: (1) ask questions to identify opportunities and problems. (2) learn new skills. (3) assume a proactive stance and take risks. and (4) align personal values and beliefs with the organizational values and goals (White & Bruton, 2011).

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w2 disc innovation organization
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According to Nidumolu, Pralahad, & Rangaswami (2009), “the key to progress, particularly in times of economic crisis, is innovation” (p. 1). From the guidelines set by Nike, as well as lessons learned from White & Bruton (2011), innovation could be strategically managed through the knowledge of theoretical frameworks, and effectively applying these in contempory settings, toward attaining explicitly defined goals.


Nidumolu, R., Pralahad, C., & Rangaswami, M. (2009, September). Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation. Retrieved from Harvard Business Review: http://hbr.org/2009/09/why-sustainability-is-now-the-key-driver-of-innovation/

Nike, Inc. (2014). Our Sustainability Strategy. Retrieved from nikeresponsibility.com: http://www.nikeresponsibility.com/report/content/chapter/our-sustainability-strategy

White, M., & Bruton, G. (2011). The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach. South Western Cengage Learning.

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