Values and Cultural Diversity

How does one decide if he/she is competent as a therapist to treat a client?Is it OK not to see clients due to race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.? Why or why not?If the therapist does see the client, how should they do so in an ethical manner?Please be careful to incorporate references to the assigned materials as well as to the AAMFT and CAMFT code of Ethics to support your argumentAmbrosia – this was a good start on this assignment, however your submission needs further development to fully meet the assignment requirements and to receive a higher score. Specifically, I wanted to see you include references to the AAMFT and/or CAMFT codes of ethics in your responses, as these clearly detail how therapist competence is determined, whether it’s appropriate to not work with clients due to specific factors, and also how to provide ethical care. With that, there were some significant writing issues in your submission, including many run-on sentences and punctuation often missing completely. Additionally, I did not see a clear response to the third prompt for this assignment. Finally, the length requirement was for 3 – 4 pages (that is content pages and does not include the title and reference pages), however you only included two pages of content. Again, this was a good start on this submission but there were some significant omissions of required content, which impacted your final assignment score. I would encourage you to consider using the writing support resources through the Academic Success Center: They also offer the option for you to submit a paper for review and feedback, which I encourage you to consider utilizing as well. If you have any questions on my feedback, please let me know.

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Values and Cultural Diversity
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