utilizing the person-centered therapy approach

I need some assistance with these assignment. utilizing the person-centered therapy approach Thank you in advance for the help! This paper will integrate a case of an individual who will be referred to herein as James Howard in order to measure the efficacy of the Person-Centered Approach in a cross-cultural counseling setting. A suitable conclusion and recommendations on the method shall be made based on the evidence that will be presented.

The goal of PCT is, to establish a person with regard to his or her individual attributes, such as social inclinations. This paper seeks to answer the question: who is James Howard, and how do his social-cultural attributes influence his way of thinking and behavior? In answering this question, a counselor also seeks to reorganize Howard’s thought processes and redirect his mental energies towards ideas and actions that would make a positive change in his current way of life in order to enhance his behaviour and general happiness. In my view, PCA can be considered imbalanced in the contemporary theory of individualism and personal liberty. There is a possibility that PCA functions at the expense of the collective good of individuals and may be seen as culturally limited (Humboldt & Leal, 2012).

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utilizing the person-centered therapy approach
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The actual practice of PCT has, however, proven that this approach can detach a counselor from a subjective frame of mind and immerse him or her in the personal experience of a patient, including within the specific cultural context. It has disproved the notion that pro-PCT counselors approach counseling with a closed mind-frame given that its basic tenet includes respecting the personal integrity and autonomy of individuals, as well as the validity, authenticity, and uniqueness of their various experiences and world views (Humboldt & Leal, 2012).

PCA has envisioned human beings as individuals unique yet socially connected. In this regard, an individual is both autonomous and in solidarity with the rest of humanity. This means that he or she is a sovereign entity separate in thought and action from others, as well as committed to the&nbsp.cultural expectations of the external society. Within these factors – autonomy vs. solidarity and sovereignty vs. commitment – an individual operates both as a uniquely differentiated person, as well as part of a social collective from which he or she cannot be removed completely.

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