Using book Essentials of Elementary Social Studies

This week you are requested to respond on Discussion Board to the following topics:


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Using book Essentials of Elementary Social Studies
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1. Which topics/ strategies/techniques discussed in Chapter 9 did resonate with you (did you find of particular interest to you) as a teacher? Why?

2. Some teachers find teaching students understand maps, globes or graphics to be a very challenging task. Which recommendations in Chapter 8 did you find of particular importance and usefulness to you as a teacher? Why? 

3. This time I would like to propose something else, hopefully, useful to you, teachers. Since it’s impossible to discuss or apply everything during our limited class time, I’ve made a list of a few websites that, I hope, will be a good addition to, and an illustration of, what we have talked about this semester.


After reading both chapters, please, familiarize yourself with the content of the websites listed below, 

  1. first, pick (at least) 5 ideas/topics/activities that you find on those websites to be potentially very useful and appropriate for promoting critical and reflective thinking in elementary social studies instruction.
  2. Next, be able to explain briefly (in a few sentences) the reasons for your choice. This time you ARE NOT required to comment on this part of your classmates’ assignment.
  3. recommend (briefly) at least ONE other (not listed in this module’s selection) website that you find to be a good resource for teaching elementary social studies.

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