USGU Assig#4

US GU-ESSAY #4 – Gentrification in Newark, NJ, Improving Government Policies

  1. Required Readings and links:
  • Read Article: Contextualizing Gentrification Chaos (See attached).
  • U.S. Global Urban Presentation- PP (See attached).
  • Abby Ivory & Kent W. Colton, Colton, K. W., Ivory, A., & Abby Ivory is the Director of Housing Affordability and Strategic Projects at the University of Utah School of Business and the Director of Ivory Innovations.Kent W. Colton. (n.d.). Innovative solutions for the housing CRISIS (SSIR). Stanford Social Innovation Review: Informing and Inspiring Leaders of Social Change.
  • As Newark Rises, Could Black Residents Be Pushed Out?
  • Berry, D., & Stanley, K. (2020, October 22). In New JERSEY’S most segregated county, racism and coronavirus made A ‘VICIOUS CIRCLE’.
  • Medina, David, “Neighborhood Change within New Jersey: The Evolutionary History that Led to the New Newark” (2020). Student Publications. 862.
  • Troutt , D. D. (2017). Making Newark Work for Newarkers: Housing and Equitable Growth in the Next Brick City . Rutgers Law.
  • Yi, K. (n.d.). Newark wants to Boost Low homeownership rate THROUGH Little-used FEDERAL Program: Wnyc: New York public radio, Podcasts, live streaming radio, news. WNYC.
  • Gardy, A., 2021. Newark’s Fight for Housing Stability. [online] Medium. Available at:

Newark’s Fight for Housing Stability | by What Works Cities | What Works Cities Economic Mobility Initiative | Medium

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USGU Assig#4
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  • Team, CBSNewYork. “New Newark Pilot Program Gives $6,000 a Year to RESIDENTS Facing Economic Insecurity.”
  • Webster. (2021). Gentrification. Merriam-Webster.

Your assignment:

  1. please write a paper of the following:
  • Choose one U.S. urban area that has been discussed in the course readings and videos and write a Policy Memo.
  • Provides a table of content of the paper’s anticipated sections
  • Using references from the course work, analyze the prevalent urban issues, and provide solution based recommendations to address a current situation.
  • Provides a list of references

Formatting: 6 pages of content, title Page, table of contents, references page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, and 12-point font.

Citations: APA (7th edition) style citations.


Per professor’s instructions I chose to write about Gentrification in Newark, New Jersey, Improving Government Policies.

Please read the required readings. See attached material and links above.

You should quote at least nine (9) works mentioned in the required readings.

Sources cited should be from reading materials.

Thank you,


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