Use your textbook and the Capella library to complete the following:


Use your textbook and the Capella library to complete the following:

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Use your textbook and the Capella library to complete the following:
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In your Business Intelligence and Analytics: Systems for Decision Support text, read the following sections in Chapter 2, “Foundations and Technologies for Decision Making.” These readings provide an overview of how decisions are supported and the capabilities of DSS. The components of DSS are discussed along with DSS classifications.

[u09a1] Unit 9 Assignment 1

BI Decision Support System Design Specifications


Assume that you have been hired as a business intelligence consultant for Big Data Companies, where you will be assessing the needs for a business intelligence (BI) and decision support systems (DSS) solution to solve a business problem. Propose how you would like to address the problem using business intelligence, analytics, and decision support by writing a Business Intelligence System Requirements User Specification document to demonstrate your understanding of the material from the course. In this specification document, provide an overview of a business intelligence system you propose to implement based on a problem of your choosing. Write the specification document from a user perspective; it does not need to cover the technical specifications. Your audience for this presentation is senior executives for the company who will decide whether to sponsor and support the project.


Write an 8–10 page business report where you provide an overview of a business intelligence system you propose to implement based on an organizational problem of your choosing. This can be a real organizational problem you have knowledge of or a hypothetical application written to the senior leadership of Big Data Companies. You should address the following aspects in your report:

Discuss a targeted business problem, opportunity, or decision that can be supported by an analytics, decision support systems (DSS), and business intelligence (BI) application.

Explain how business intelligence can improve the process or be used by the users in the organization.

Identify what kind of business intelligence solution is needed as it relates to the organization’s business strategy, objectives, and priorities.

Summarize what factors need to be recognized that will contribute to success of the business intelligence solution and how it will be measured.

Illustrate how the BI/DDS system will support any decision making processes, taking into account the systematic decision-making phases of intelligence, design, choice, and implementation.

Describe how data will be collected, what types of DSS components will be necessary for the system, and whether descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive analytics will be used in decision making or problem solving.

Explain any models that will need to be developed, which variables need to be considered, and the benefits of any models used.

Identify how risks will be assessed, DDS capabilities utilized, and key components of the system.

In your report be sure to address the major frameworks of computerized decision support in analytics, decision support systems (DSS), and business intelligence and how those frameworks support key issues of managerial decision making with the use and applications of business analytics. Your discussion should consider the major categories and applications of business analytics.

As you complete your assignment, be sure your report meets the following guidelines:

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

Scholarship: Use at least 8 professionally reputable sources to support your main points and analysis. Be sure to include scholarly sources. Course readings may be included among the 8 required sources.

APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Length: 8–10 typed, double-spaced pages.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


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