Use the assigned textbook Forensic Anthropology

Use the assigned textbook Forensic Anthropology: Current Methods and Practice (Christensen, 2019) Chapter 8, in addition to the sex estimation lab supplemental readings (see Blackboard) to answer each question.

  1. Sex differences in the human skeleton are primarily related to what 2 features? What are these features a result from?
  2. Explain the difference between biological sex and gender.
  3. Describe any 1 feature on a bone that can be used for sex estimation. Where is it and at what point does it indicate male or female?
  4. Refer to the supplemental readings and briefly discuss 1 of the sex estimation metric methods.
  5. After observing the pelvic morphology of an unknown individual, you give the specimen a score of “2” for the greater sciatic notch and a “3” for the preauricular sulcus. Additionally, you note the presence of the ventral arc, the significant concave appearance for the subpubic concavity, and an ischiopubic ramus that is somewhat narrow with a ridge on the medial aspect. What is the estimated sex of this individual? (Standards; Buikstra and Ubelaker, 1995; “Os Coxae Morphology”)
  6. Using only the cranium, you attempt to estimate the sex of an individual. You scored the nuchal crest a “1”, the mastoid process a “1”, the supra-orbital margin a “2”, the glabella a “2”, and the mental eminence a “3”. Based on these scores you can estimate that the sex of this individual is:

(Standards; Buikstra and Ubelaker, 1995)

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Use the assigned textbook Forensic Anthropology
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  1. Use the femoral neck diameter provided and apply it to the discriminant function equation (unknown ancestry) from Seidemann, 1998 to determine the sex of the individual:
Specimen #1
Side:Femoral Neck Diameter:Sex:
Seidemann1998Right34 mm
  1. Using the indicated supplemental reading, choose the sex of a hypothetical individual. Then assign scores to the sex-related features of the os coxa that correspond with the appropriate sex: (Standards; Buikstra and Ubelaker, 1995).
Os coxa #18Side: Right
Ventral arc (1-3)
Subpubic concavity (1-3)
Ishiopubic ramus (1-3)
Greater sciatic notch (1-5)
Preauricular sulcus (0-4)
Sex Estimate
  1. In 2-3 sentences, explain what sexual dimorphism is and provide an example.
  2. The _________________ is the most sexually dimorphic region of the human skeleton.

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