US Global Urban – Assignment #2 Please see attached instructions. Thank you, Customer

US Global Urban – Assignment #2: Urbanization – In the beginning

  1. Required Readings:
  • US Global Urban Experience – Week 2 PPT file (See attached)
  • US urban system_pdf_HAL (See Attached)
  1. please write a short essay for the following questions:
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of urbanization. Give at least two examples of both advantages and disadvantages based on the course work and personal experience.
  3. If you had your preference, would you want to live in a large city, small city or town, or rural area? Explain your answer giving reasons why and why not.
  4. Prepare an original and thoughtful (including references) response of 500 words.
  1. Student participation includes the following attributes:
  • Comments show evidence of a thorough reading and analysis of the material(s) — this means the inclusion of references
  • Points are relevant to the discussion in terms of increasing everyone’s understanding and are not merely a regurgitation of the readings. 
  • Care is taken to distinguish among different kinds of information; i.e. facts, opinions, assumptions, or inferences. 
  • There is a willingness to test new ideas rather than remain cautious and safe. 
  • Submissions utilize correct word usage, spelling, and punctuation.


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US Global Urban – Assignment #2 Please see attached instructions. Thank you, Customer
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Follow the instructions above and response to the questions. The essay should be no less than 500 words in length. Sources cited should be included.

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