Unit II Norm-Breaking (Movie or Television) Worksheet – Option B

For this assignment, you will be completing the following prompts about norm-breaking in a movie or tv scene. Address the prompts below, and use this document to record your responses. Use full sentences and correct grammar. You must cite the textbook at least one time in the worksheet. Include in-text citations, and place your reference at the end of this document. Upload the completed document to Blackboard as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.

What example of norm-breaking did you witness in the movie or tv show? Why do you think this norm exists in society?
Explain whether it was an informal or formal norm that was broken in the tv or movie segment?
What was the behavior or action of the actor or actress while breaking the norm?
How did others react when the actor or actress broke the norm?
How did the reaction reinforce or not reinforce the norm?
What did you learn from this assignment regarding norm-breaking in society?


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Unit II Norm-Breaking (Movie or Television) Worksheet – Option B
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