Ubuntu Operating System in Smartphones.

Need help with my writing homework on Ubuntu Operating System in Smartphones. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Among these distributions, Ubuntu is the most popular due to its appealing usability and security controls. Ubuntu has features not far from those of Windows OS. Unlike other OS’s it is preinstalled with other applications such as OpenOffice, games, and browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Ubuntu is available in many languages and supports other OS software applications such as Microsoft Office via other applications like Wine or Virtual machine.

Ubuntu has either GNOME or KDE graphical user interface. This OS can serve as a server in the Ubuntu server edition or user version as Ubuntu desktop edition. It also can be used in minimal platforms as Xubuntu or for educational purposes as Edubuntu. Ubuntu is modified to achieve maximum efficiency for multimedia support in the Ubuntu studio version. Ubuntu is also available in mobile devices supporting internet technology as MID Ubuntu. Lastly, Ubuntu is available in basic form in the Gobuntu version.

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Ubuntu Operating System in Smartphones.
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Security is a major concern in the technology-oriented world, this report will point out some security tools that are available on Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an open-source operating system based on Linux/GNU and exists on desktop, servers, and currently in smartphones.

Another tool available in Ubuntu OS is Nessus which is a network scanning tool that detects a vulnerability in configuration auditing and discovery of sensitive data. It also does remote network security audit tasks of asset profiling.

GNU privacy guard is a security tool for the safe storage of data. It encrypts data by creating signatures, supports PGP standard internet, and contains an advanced key management facility. Another tool the Ubuntu OS uses is Snort that detects network intrusion.

On a security note, Ubuntu operating system comes with security features that provide maximum security. The OS is configured in a way that no open ports for the network listening services exist. The OS utilizes SHA-512 based password hashes for verification of password thereby making it hard for a successful brute force to occur. Ubuntu OS has SYN cookies that help in cases of overwhelming network interactions.

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