Turning my investigative essay into different genre(poetry)

let me start off my presentation by asking you a simple question, what do you know about air pollution. Air pollution, defined in a most straightforward way, is the addition of harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. Can it be natural? Yes. A pollutant can either be natural or man-made. Wildland fires, dust storms, volcanic activity and other natural sources can attribute to air pollution as well. However, most of air pollution are caused by human activity.

What are some common particles? first

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Turning my investigative essay into different genre(poetry)
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) – This is by far the most emitted form of human caused air pollution. billions of metric tons of CO2 are emitted annually by burning of fossil fuels

Sulfur Dioxide(SO2)- SO2 is produced by volcanoes and in various industrial processes. Coal and petroleum often contain sulfur compounds, and it leads to acid rain.

Nitrogen dioxides (NO2) are expelled from high temperature combustion, and are also produced during thunderstorms by electric discharge. One of the most prominent air pollutants, this reddish-brown toxic gas has a characteristic sharp, biting odor.

Carbon monoxide (CO) – CO is a colorless, odorless, toxic yet non-irritating gas. It is a product of incomplete combustion of fuel such as natural gas, coal or wood. Vehicular exhaust is a major source of carbon monoxide.

Particulate matter (PM), are tiny particles of solid or liquid suspended in a gas.

There are different effects of Air pollution, first of all, Health effects.

It can be as small as coughing, wheezing,difficulty in breathing, asthma or as bad as cancer.

Exposure to Air pollution can associated with an increased risk of mortality from lung cancer.

And most importantly, mental illness. Air pollution can leads to depression. A major new study has linked air pollution to increased mental illness. It found that relatively small increases in air pollution are associated with a significant increase in treated psychiatric problems.

Not only us the human get affected by air pollution, plants are also affected. Crops can be injured when exposed to high concentrations of various air pollutants. Injury ranges from visible markings on crop leaves, to reduced growth and yield, to premature death.

Of course, there’s economic effect. Air pollution costs the world economy $5 trillion per year as a result of productivity losses and degraded quality of life, according to a joint study by the World Bank and the Institute for Health Metrics at the University of Washington.

Here are some pictures of my home country’s capital Beijing on a normal clear day and hazy day.

Imagine if you are a tourist and you traveled all the way to China but you can’t see the essence of the ancient forbidden city; Or you are an avid sports lover, but you can’t run on the street; Or you are a daily commuter, and you are forced to wear masks while exposing under the bad air; Or you are at the viewing deck on a tall tower, and you can see nothing but the grey and gloomy color..

But many may ask, I don’t live in China, so why should we care? Various research shows that

Air pollution does not only exist in China, but rather global wide. It can affect anyone in this planet. The 1984 Bhopal Disaster in India killed at least 3787 people by leaked industrial vapours. When the Great Smog of 1952 formed over London, more than 4,000 died in six days. Nowadays, the United States has also been affected by air pollution as well. How many people have watched LALA land? If you have watched the movie LALA Land, you might be amazed by the beautiful view of Los Angeles looking down from Griffith Observatory. But now I have to break your heart. This is what actually LA looks like. Just imagine living in an environment that requires you to wear mask, you can’t have outdoor activity, and has very high chance to get lung disease, is this the life you want? I don’t believe so.

In particular, premature deaths from outdoor air pollution in 2010 amounted to around 3 million people, while they are projected to be 6-9 million in 2060.will that make you start to care a little more?

It is “The largest smog vacuum cleaner in the world,” according to the designer. By using ion technology, the tower attracts and sucks in small pollution particles by sending positive ions into the air. Once inside the tower, these particles attach themselves to a grounded, negatively charged surface. Though it’s not a permanent solution, People have high hopes for this Smog Free Tower

Air Ink, a brand new concept . Air Ink uses polluted air to create paint and ink, though it’s still developing, but the idea of turning pollution into paint is very interesting.

Our nation’s future relies on a well-educated future generation to be wise stewards of the very environment that sustains us. One’s act might seem insignificant, however, if hundreds and thousands people rise and stand up with environmental consciousness and passion, it will soon become a ripple effect and bring the changes to the existing issues.


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