Triumphant Teen Talk Group Issues and Summary

Utilize substance info from previous Order #114858 and do the following:Assignment #3: PCN-520 Group Design Part Four: Group Issues and Summary (Obj. 6.1 and 6.2) Imagine THE TRIUMPHANT TEEN TALK group ( AGES 14-16) has had the opportunity to meet for at least two sessions 1 HOUR EACH SESSION with GROUP CONSISTING OF ONLY SIX MEMBERS – BOYS AND GIRLS. Over the two group sessions, three challenging issues arise. Choose three scenarios from the following list that are realistic to your group type.1.Sexual abuse2.Homosexuality3.Religious preferences5.Use of illegal drugs6.Drinking and drivingWrite a 1,000-1,500-word summary that includes the following:1.A description of the selected issues2.Details about how the issues were manifested in the group sessions. For example, someone states he/she is uncomfortable discussing the topic and/or being a part of the group.3.Details about how you would handle the situationsNEED 5 SCHOLARLY SOURCESNEED APA STYLECOVER PAGESTRONG THESIS STATEMENT IN INTRODUCTIONNEED CONCLUSION AT END


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