ARTIFACT SPEECH ASSIGNMENTDESCRIPTIONFor this speech, you will be delivering a 2-3 minute presentation on an artifact of your choice that best represents who you are to the audience. You will create a typed outline for submission for this speech. The artifact should be carefully selected and hold special meaning to you. The questions you must answer in your speech are:1. What is the artifact you have selected?2. Why does this artifact best represent you?REQUIREMENTS Visual Aid: Artifact (be mindful of size of artifact)*** Artifact cannot be an image of a person, and cannot be a cell artifact that I would like to use are 4 before and after photos of 4 different clients that I have help have helped lose weight in the past 12 months by placing them on a low carb, moderate protein diet with minimum exercise… also I will be presenting a photo of a girl who wanted to do her 1st body building competition, she is 5’2 and had a long way to go, but we did it and she came in 1 st place in here first NPC competition out of 210 females. I would like to present her before and after transformation as well. I helped her train in the gym 5 days aweek for 2-3 hours and helped her with meal plan. . I choose this artifact because this represents me with accomplishment, success, and appreciation. my dieters look up to me and there goal weight and new lifestyle is because of me. my clients love them self more and more each day . and it makes me so happy . NO REFERENCES NEEDED*


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