Tracking Finances

Complete the following charts using the instructions and links provided under Week 3 Assignment of the CDT. (Total of 177 entries)

Use PowerPoint slides # 35 – 37 for guidance in completing this assignment.

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Tracking Finances
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Part I: Completing a Patient Ledger for Ben Jones

Complete the patient ledger for Ben Jones, DOB 06/07/1961, an imaginary person with an account number of 962. He went to see Dr. Curtains 3 times on 01/01/2019, 02/01/2019, and 03/01/2019 He was charged $120.00 for each E&M level III established patient visit (CPT 99213). His Healthnet insurance pays 80% and has an allowable amount of $100.00 for each of these visits. Mr. Jones is responsible for the 20% coinsurance which he paid on the date of service (he does not have an annual deductible). The insurance paid on 02/01/2019, 03/01/2019, and 04/01/2019. His beginning balance from last year was $0.00.

Acumen Medical Practice

691 North Lane

Somewhere, USA

Practice Patient Ledger

Patient: ___________________________ Date of Birth: _________________

DateProviderDescription (CPT)Type$ Charges$ Credits$ Balance
Beginning Balance$0.00
01/01/201999213Invoice$ 120.00——–$ 120.00
02/01/2019Ins. Payment——–$80.00$20.00
Ending Balance

**Be sure ALL boxes and blanks are filled in for all three charts.

(74 total entries, 21 have been completed for you, 49 entries to be completed by student )

Part 2: Completing a daysheet: Patients to include on this DOS (date of service): Ben Jones, Ross Parker, Darla Sissle, and Amanda Chin.

Acumen Medical Practice

691 North Lane

Somewhere, USA

Patient Daysheet

Date of Service: 03/01/2019 Location: 791 North Lane, Somewhere, USA

Account NoPatient NameCPTProvider$ Charge$ Adjustment$ Credit$ Net Change

Patients to include on this DOS (date of service): Ben Jones, Ross Parker, Darla Sissle , and Amanda Chin.

** A daysheet documents the transactions on a single day…. Does not include any previous balances.

(32 entries)

Part 3: Completing an Insurance Claims Registry: Patients to include are 3 visits for Ben Jones, 1 visit for Ross Parker, 1 visit for Darla Sissle, and 1 visit for Amanda Chin. All insurance companies have paid the amount billed. There were no Unusual Procedures Reported (NA should be entered in each box).

Acumen Medical Practice

691 North Lane

Somewhere, USA

Insurance Claims Registry

Date FiledPatient NameInsurance CompanyUnusual Procedure Reported$ Amount Due$ Amount Paid

The Date Filed = DOS DOS = Date of Service (36 entries)

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