To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask. That is the Question.

To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask. That is the Question.

Covid-19 and the fear of contracting the Coronavirus has divided our population into two very polarized groups. One side believes in the government. The other side does not. One side trusts the science behind what they are told. The other side does not. One succumbs to peer-pressure. The other side just wants to live and let live… in their own way. But what makes one person choose to wear a medical mask during a worldwide pandemic while their brothers and sisters do not? Political debate? Common sense? Defiance? Fear? Which side is right? Which side is wrong?

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To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask. That is the Question.
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Defend your right to choose. Are you for medical masks or against them? Be prepared to support your views with research and a strong compelling argument in a mock -email to your local councilor (i.e., you won’t be sending it).

So, choose your partner, and get ready to divide and conquer this very difficult topic.

Note: Agreed this is hot topic, but it is a valuable discussion as there are often two sides to any argument, and the trick is to learn how to argue without offending those who have contrary views and learn how to have an open discussion where both sides can learn from the other.

 Part 1: Choose a side – You can either be for wearing a mask or against, no in between. Be ready to defend your own unique topic from your point-of-view.

Part 2: Research your topic – Find online resources to support your views and be ready to use them to back up your argument.

Part 3: Write a Email to your Local Councilor– Here’s a link to help you (ie where to find their email addresses to add to your mock email): Emails must be no less than one page, single-spaced, properly formatted and free of spelling, grammatical and spelling error for you to be takes seriously. Carefully consider your subject line so it will be read. Ensure you satisfy the SEE principle and state your case so it can be heard, fairly.

Part 4:  Start a Discussion On Social Media– Do this on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to see if you are part of the majority or minority when it comes to your views. Record how it went. Did you feel supported or thwarted? Count up the posts and see what won out: for or against. Write a paragraph synopsis to tell us how it made you feel.

Part 5: Prepare to Present–You will be asked to present a 5-minute presentation by video to present your topic as if you were standing down at a podium at Queens Park giving the government a piece of your mind either about why you shouldn’t have to wear a mask or why they should be doing more to enforce everyone to wear one. No PowerPoint Presentations. Just you standing up for your views.

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